Magic 60×50 8mil Glossy Adhesive Back Photobase


60″X50′ 8mil Glossy Adhesive-Back Photobase Paper

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Magicle Siena 200 G PSA and Siena 200 L PSA (DMPDQU-GPSA and DMPDQU-LPSA) products are adhesive-backed resin-coated photobase available in both gloss and lustre finishes. The Siena 200 PSA photobase papers are coated with a universal microporus coating that provides instant dry times on most high speed, waterbase thermal and piezo inkjet printer systems, with dye or pigmented inks. You can generate the same high quality images that can be laminated quickly when using Siena 200 photobase papers, while eliminating a production step. Siena 200 PSA photobases provide you with a product solution to increase your production efficiency. Caliper: 8 mil

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