Construction Master 5 Calculator


Construction Master 5

Solve construction math using this calculator for plans, layouts, and on-site construction.

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With the Construction Master 5, you’ll get easy-to-use fast, accurate construction-math solutions for plans, layouts and on-site construction. Enter the numbers, just as you would say them, and the answers appear in an instant. Calculate roofs, stairs, circles, and more. Works in and converts between feet-inches-fractions and decimals, including metric. Use it in the field or office to save time, reduce costs, prevent re-work and maximize profits.

For Contractors, Framers, Builders, Architects, Engineers, and Tradespersons

Calculations and Dedicated Functions:

  • Complete stair calculations for risers, treads, stringer length, stairwell opening, and incline angle
  • Built-in right-angle functions for square-ups, slopes, and more
  • Area, volume, and perimeter solutions
  • Rafter function solves for common rafters, regular and irregular hips, valleys, and jacks
  • Circular and arc: areas, diameters, circumference
  • Advanced solutions for circles, arches, columns, cones, pillars, windows and post-holes
  • Find volumes for concrete driveways, columns, and more
  • Arched rake-walls with on-center spacing in ascending or descending order
  • Quickly calculate the number of on-center studs for an entered length
  • Solve equal-sided polygons, corner and bi-sect angles, side length, perimeter, and area
  • Board feet lumber estimating
  • Easily solve unit costing and pricing

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